Dear Dr. Kimmel

So I see that in the light of the recent shootings you dusted your good old argument that every problem in this world is caused by white men. More exactly, they are caused by whiteness and maleness. Help me out here just a little bit, please… Do I understand correctly that your opinion is that:

Men are still not suppressed, emasculated, shamed, feminized, denigrated, bashed and demonized enough? What we need is more of these? If we started squeezing little boys’ souls a little bit earlier, like, as soon as they enter kindergarten, or maybe in their cradle even, then they would grow up as women happy and healthy human beings? If we squeezed men’s souls just a little bit harder then they would be freed from their innate anger and aggression? If we force them to consider themselves worthless scum, that will lessen the number of tragic emotional outbursts?

“Machismo” is long gone, traditional gender roles are long gone, two-parent families are on their way out, “male virtues” are bashed to the ground, anything male is a target for ridicule and anger. Is this not enough? The problem is still too much maleness?

What could be the cure then? Eradicate males, like some feminists suggest? Kill’em all? Excluding you, of course, because you are enlightened. You’re a feminist. But still, you’re a male – so you’re going down with the rest of us. To the gas chamber with us, so we can save the planet by dying together. Your only escape would be to follow the footsteps of your fellow men’s studies beacon of light, the source of ultimate knowledge on maleness, Robert W. Connell, who turned himself into a woman. That is the only way to redeem yourself.

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3 Responses to Dear Dr. Kimmel

  1. ScareCrow says:

    Good grief. The people who are all “excited” about this shooting seem as “disturbed” as the shooter in some of the articles I have been reading.

    All of it is sickening.

  2. Retrenched says:

    Kimmel strikes me as one of those guys who got picked on in school by all the jocks, and then later joined the feminists in their war on men and masculinity as a way of getting back at them.

  3. Rob says:

    Oh yeah, I remember his assinine article. Kimmel is just another narrow minded shit who judges people on the basis of their gender and race rather than their actions. Guess that makes him a feminist.

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