Some explanations

I – like many others in the manosphere – disappear from time to time. This is very bad for the blog, I know, but that’s how things are. I was never in it for fame or money anyways, I just wanted to express what was on my mind. So I did.

I still have things to say, but some time ago I started blogging in my native language (which is not english, in case you wondered). That takes up 110% of the energy I have for this kind of thing, mainly because in a way I “started” the MRM in my country. I’m not telling this to boast, I could care less about what you internet pixies think about my ego :) I’m telling this so you know what happened to me and why. I’m not dead, I’m not gone, I did not turn away from the manosphere – I just went from global to local. That said, if I ever have the desire to say something in english, I won’t hesitate to do it, regardless of what’s left of my old reader base :)

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