Feminism = far-left lunacy + far-right lunacy

It is quite impossible to define feminism properly. If you look up the word in a dictionary, you’ll find bullshit. If you come up with anything different, feminists will boo and jeer you. So, let’s look at things from a totally different perspective.

We can probably agree that the most important tenet of marxism is ‘class warfare‘, the eternal struggle between the rich and the poor.

Most of us will probably also agree that their racial theory was one of the (if not THE) most important principle of the nazis. It went something like this: the “aryan” peoples are more evolved and better than other races, but those dirty subhumans (most importantly the jews) conspire against their betters because they are agressive, feeble-minded and greedy. A closely linked tenet to this was that the sexuality of those subhumans were perverted and animalistic.

Now, add these ideas together, and what do you get?


Bear with me for a second.

Let’s just switch the supposed “bad guys” for men, and the “good guys” for women in both theories.

One of the basic pillars of modern feminism is that men are the rich oppressors and women are the poor victims [class warfare]. This is a patently absurd claim, of course, because there are rich women and poor men out there (at least 80% of the homeless are men for example). Feminists constantly prate about “men having it better” and other such nonsense nevertheless.

The second basic pillar of feminism is that women are noble, emphatic, meek and cooperative creatures, but men are agressive and competitive, reveling in war and rape [racial theory]. They have also conspired [patriarchy] to oppress their betters, ie. women [nazi accusations against jews].

The third pillar of feminism is that – contrary to pure and ethereal women – men’s sexuality is sick, bestial, animalistic. They are all potential rapists, pedofiles and whatnot. And even if they are not, they still ogle women’s boobs or ass pervertly (which they themselves display almost nakedly for all to see for different reasons). The natural desires of men are so contemptible, even their eyes are dirty – they objectify anything with a simple look. They stare evilly, much unlike teen girls when they drool over C.Ronaldo posters on their bedroom walls.

I feel we have most of feminism covered by adding marxism and nazism together. It might sound absurd at first, but hey, you’re welcome to try to prove me wrong. Not with shaming language, of course, but with logic and rational arguments.

And for the sake of clarity I say it again: this article is not about looking for a definition of feminism. This article is about what would be the result of adding marxism and nazism together (with a minor tweak).

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1 Response to Feminism = far-left lunacy + far-right lunacy

  1. infowarrior1 says:

    In essence they are both statism.

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