The meaning of misogyny, sexism and objectification

I know these words can be found in a dictionary, but I really don’t care because most of them present the feminist-friendly definitions diluted to mean anything the speaker wants them to mean. This has to stop.

Misogyny is the general hatred of all women, its defining characteristics being general and hate. Hate is a strong and “active” negative feeling (wanting to harm the other), distinct from other things like fear, distrust, dislike, or finding any particular, or most women to be boring, shallow, greedy, whatever. For anything to be misogyny it has to be aimed at women in general and involve strong negative feelings with the aim of harming women.

Misogyny is when a kid’s single mother is always drunk and tries to stab him repeatedly, so he grows up to be a person who really does hate all women, wanting them to die and thinking they are some kind of evil subhumans.

Saying “I like your boobs” to a random stranger is not misogyny, saying men are stronger on average is not misogyny, thinking you are better at World of Warcraft than Gamergrrrl_97 is not misogyny.

The word sex-ism is constructed like race-ism and their meanings are similar, ie: discrimination based on an innate – but in that specific case irrelevant – trait of humans. Its defining characteristic is a false belief in the superiority of one sex. Racism means you think one race is better than the others – sexism means you think one sex is better than the other.

Sexism is hiring the less qualified job applicant because you believe that his/her sex gives him/her an edge over the more qualified one – for the position of an accountant, which obviously can be handled by both sexes.

A joke about Jennifer Aniston is not sexism. A joke about Rihanna is not sexism. A joke about the Kardashian’s facial hair is NOT F_CKIN’ SEXISM.

“Objectification” is bullshit, plain and simple. It is just a made-up term created to bash and demonize natural male sexuality. It is the misandric belief that men have an evil sexual gaze that can harm women. It is the misandric belief that Joe looking at a picture of Susan harms Susan but Susan looking at a picture of Joe does not harm him. It is the misandric idea that when men look at random women in the streets they see body parts floating around, but when women are looking at strangers they always assess their whole life, personality, qualities and whatnot.

Looking at cleavage is not objectification, it’s just natural sexual curiosity. Looking at porn is not objectification, it’s just natural sexual desire looking for an output. Half-naked women in the media is not objectification, it’s the media selling things the way they can sell things best. (Mostly to women by the way.)

The closest you’ll ever get to actual “objectification” is when you look at a dildo. That is an actual object made in the shape of a mutilated part of a man’s body for the sexual pleasure of women.

Most of the time when you run into these words in discussions they are just bullshit, used as generic shaming language to browbeat men into silence and submission. People who use these words are either feminist bullies, or naive misguided men not having the clairvoyance to spot lies and misdirection, or not having the spine to stand up to it.

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2 Responses to The meaning of misogyny, sexism and objectification

  1. rgoltn says:

    Great post. I tell my wife that I am “objectifying her” at this moment when I am sticking my hand down her pants or up her shirt to play wth her tits. She likes to know when I am exercising my sexual curiosity and exploring her body. She usually asks if I like what I am seeing, touching etc. I always respond with a “yes” and depending on where and when I am doing it, she may end up naked and on all fours with me bangin’ her from behind. This is when she moves from an object of my desire to being my personal sex toy. She loves that.

  2. eb9y says:

    This is great but actually objectification wouldn’t be looking at dildo, it would be looking at a woman and saying “I only want to fuck you like a piece of meat”.

    Objectification can only be defined in the eye of the beholder and not the recipient, hence why so many women say things like “I WAS CATCALLED, SEXUAL OBJECTIFICATION!”.

    It’s not, really not.

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