Men have it so easy

According to feminists men have it easy in today’s society. They say it is the lowest difficulty setting. Because, you know, men have all this patriarchal power in their possession.

For example men have the patriarchal power to shut up, or otherwise continuously censor their own words when in the proximity of women – unless they want a weak, powerless little feminist report them to the authorities for overhearing an innocent joke, posting their pictures on the net starting a smear campaign, having them fired, ridiculed, etc. Ah, teh poor powerless wymyn, so oppressed by the patriarchy.

Men also have the patriarchal power of being censored, silenced, and shouted down by feminists. We live in the 21st century and most women still don’t have this power! (Only some antifeminist women do.) Shame on us! Women have it so hard, being collectively praised everywhere as being always right, always fair, always sympathetic and of course always oppressed.

Men have the patriarchal power of not being allowed to socialize together. Men don’t have clubs, places or gatherings anymore, these are all banned and destroyed by powerless feminists, who at the same time created sex-specific opportunities for women, a thousand times more than men ever had. Men have the power of not being allowed into certain conferences and conventions, or being kicked out from feminist gatherings after they payed for the tickets – for the crime of possessing a penis.

A man can also have the patriarchal power of being falsely accused by a powerless woman, thus destroying his life and family. This privilege is denied from women! If she wants to destroy her own family, she must do it herself by taking her husband to the cleaners, committing divorce fraud with the active help of the state.

If being a man is the lowest difficulty setting, than being a woman must be the highest. They have every deck stacked against them starting from kindergarten: the whole school system is geared towards them, they have better grades, less dropouts, more degrees, etc. They have affirmative action in the workplace, quotas in politics, and countless organizations to help them in any imaginable situation. This is blatant sexism and misogyny. The justice system also favors them in both family and criminal court cases. They are much less likely to be homeless, incarcerated, addicted to drugs or alcohol, injured or killed in the workplace, commit suicide, suffer violence, etc. I pity them so much for all these horrendous injustices my elbows started to bleed.

This shameful patriarchal oppression has to stop! We must take the patriarchal power away from men, and give it to women as compensation for past injuries.

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4 Responses to Men have it so easy

  1. Retrenched says:

    Apex fallacy + penis envy = feminism

  2. Retrenched says:

    Ah, but I forgot the most important parts of the equation… it should be:

    Apex fallacy + penis envy + reflexive white knighting + liberal male guilt = feminism

    Because feminism would have never gotten anywhere without men bankrolling it and propping it up.

  3. Feminatzi says:

    Your a looser

  4. Deansdale says:


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