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  1. Many men have trouble finding physical and emotional intimacy
  2. Men are given terrible advice to fix this

Or, more generally, our society’s plan for men isn’t good for them, personally.

Now, men have never had an easy ride unless they were one of the aristocracy. We’ve always been the labouring sex, the risk-taking sex, the disposable sex. In the world of the past, those burdens came with rewards for those of us who survived our disposability.

Now those rewards have been called “privileges”, and taken away. (And the burdens have been called “privileges”, too, but have not been taken away.)

Now, when something unfair happens to a woman, her usual response to point this unfairness out to whoever appears to have power. But men, being less submissive, tend to blame ourselves, ask “What am I doing wrong?”, and try to change either our behaviour or our environment (by going elsewhere).

So the first thing we got was a generation or two of men thinking that we, personally, were no good, and was why we couldn’t get laid, or why we couldn’t get jobs, or why we couldn’t pay off our student loans, or why we came home from the war broken and unable to fit back in, or why our marriages exploded and we lost our children, our homes, and our livelihoods.

So we looked to women to tell us what it was we were doing wrong. After all, many of our problems were with them, and even if they weren’t, women seemed to be prospering. On top of that, they seemed to have this mysterious power to love themselves unconditionally. And everyone, everywhere, kept telling us to treat them with kindness and respect, and even reverence, because they could do anything we could do, anything at all, even backwards and in heels.

And when a man sees someone doing better than him, his first impulse is not to stab, but to try to learn.

And women were certainly willing to give us advice. Oh, boy, were they ever willing to give us advice. Page after page, speech after speech, of what we should and shouldn’t do, who we should and shouldn’t be, what they wanted, what they didn’t, exactly what a man’s role was and wasn’t. Women were all too willing to define masculinity for us, if asked. Or even if not asked.

And, of course, when we followed this advice, things got worse.

And gradually we came to realize that when we asked these “new women”, empowered by feminism, what a man should do, they didn’t hear “What should a man’s life be like?”, they heard “What do you want for christmas?”.

No one answering was giving any thought at all to what might happen to us in the process of fulfilling women’s ambitions and fantasies.

We woke up to the fact that women’s lists of what a man should do were the equivalent of a 12 year old girl asking daddy for a pony. She doesn’t worry about whether daddy can actually afford to buy her one, because she’s aware that daddy is older and wiser and more worldly than her, and will figure out for himself if he can do that, and is willing to. She knows he will probably tell her “no”, and if she throws a tantrum on hearing it, that’s just to make sure it’s a firm “no” without any wiggle room.

All this time, the same feminist-indoctrinated women who were loudly and repeatedly assuring us they were at least our equals in every way… were simultaneously treating us as if we were gods who had the power to give them anything at all, so long as we could be persuaded to.

And we fell down on the road to Damascus. We realized that we were still in charge. That we had always been in charge. And we would remain in charge for as long as women looked to us to give them things and solve their problems.

Every feminist lobbying for paid maternity leave is a submissive asking daddy to care for her. Every “men can stop rape” poster is a woman admitting she cannot protect herself. Every woman complaining that we shouldn’t portray women like that in video games is a woman saying “I can’t make my own video games, please consider my wishes when you make them for both of us”. Every woman asking men for a better deal is a woman on her knees.

Feminism was never about female independence. If it were, it would not require men to cooperate or even notice. They wouldn’t need us to give them jobs if they started their own businesses. They wouldn’t need us to give them “equal pay” if they were doing the hiring. They wouldn’t need laws mandating maternity leave and free birth control if they were the ones setting, and paying, employee benefits. They wouldn’t need “no means no” if they were the ones making the sexual advances. They wouldn’t need “men can stop rape” if they took responsibility for defending themselves from psychos.

So all we have to do is stop. Say no. You can have a slightly bigger allowance, but you cannot have a pony.

That’s what the Red Pill is. Not some fool notion that women are horrible selfish bitches. Not the idea that men “should be” in charge. Just the realization that men are in charge, that we will be until the day women stop asking for, or even accepting, things from us. That if we’re in charge, we’re gonna have to take some responsibility for putting the brakes on.

We are the ones who need to say, no, a woman cannot have it all.

She has to share.

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4 Responses to A gold nugget from reddit

  1. dejour says:


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  3. Well thought out post. Keep writing.


  4. Matthew says:

    Women cause date rape by being passive and submissive. They expect men to “make a move”, but if he guesses wrong (based on their ambiguous body language) they complain about it.

    It’s like a terribly bad game show.

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