A cautionary tale from “Feministhate”

This is an excerpt, read the rest over there. If it’s unclear, he’s talking about men having the only “option” of working full time, women having a lot more choices available to them.

Imagine there’s a party buffet and all the men and women are lined up separately. The women are told they may take any of the items at the buffet. Anything at all, or they can pick and chose some of this and some of that.

The men however are told they can only take cake. Its cake or nothing. They have no choice.

Now its easy to see this represents discrimination against men, not women. No woman is going to demand to be placed in the men’s line! Even if she fully intends to load up with nothing but cake, she’s better off with the CHOICE. Hey, cake isn’t such a bad thing, right? But most people, given the choice, aren’t just going to take cake are they?

All the men of course will take all cake.

Then the feminist hoaxers come along and they decide to complain that women are soooo oppresed by the fact that they have the priviledge to all those choices men don’t have. That’s tough, how are they going to hoax people like that when its so obvious women are better off?

Simple: they only count cake. Nothing else counts. They actually pretend there isn’t anything else going on at all — sort of ignore that and hope no one catches on. They scream loudly “it so unfair that the men have more cake! the women must be given more cake!”.

They prove men have more cake — not by comparing men with the few women (eg single women to pierce the analogy!) who chose to only have cake — those women got just as much cake as the men did. No, they compare the total amount of cake men get with the women, but they don’t count in any of the other stuff the women chose to get instead of cake.

What a hoax! What a good way of making women hate men, and of campaigning for discrimination against men. Soon the government steps in and say women need to be given more cake because feminists have “proven” that they get less.

Feminists have managed to pull of their anti-male discrimination AND blamed men AND pretend they are only wanting equality! Talk about having your cake and eat it.

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2 Responses to A cautionary tale from “Feministhate”

  1. And meanwhile the feminism-influenced women NEVER noticed the numbers of men disgustedly leaving the line at the buffet and Going Their Own Way…until it came time for the bill to paid.

  2. I love you you explain things in such plain easy way even a child can understand it.

    You have a very plain, clear, straightforward no bullshit language

    I understand things more clearly once you explain them.

    Women in the army is another example. They don’t want to be drafted. But they want to have the right to be in the armed forces. Of course, with lower physical demands. Then they want to have the right to get pregnant, and to get maternity leave when the real war starts.

    A woman’s body, her choice. A man’s body, a working slave to pay spousal support and child support for HER child. Enforced by prison terms, confiscation of passport and drivers license.

    Good point.

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