Most people don’t know how to debate

When it comes to debating, there are two types of people. One is interested in the topic and wants to know the truth about it. The other wants to win the debate at all costs by proving his moral superiority.

“Clearly I am a better person than my opponent therefore my views are valid and his aren’t.”

Sadly modern education does not give a fuck about the truth, and does not teach students to have an inquisitive mind. In fact it indoctrinates them that being “good” is more important than being honest or truthful. Political correctness is a clear manifestation of this tendency. The schools don’t care if what you’re saying is true or not, the only thing that matters is you don’t hurt the feelings of someone in an officially sanctioned victim group.

Thanks to this 90% of people on the internet can’t debate. They leave school imprinted with the thought that they are good, politically correct people, and they hold the right opinion on every subject. Those who disagree with them are not only wrong but also bad people! And since they can’t actually debate, because they lack the skills to build logical arguments, and since they are trying to defend views that are mostly false (politically correct means it’s not actually correct…) they don’t have any other choice but to attack the other person. Hence insults, shaming, ad hominems. All the other fallacies are just icings on the cake, halfhearted attempts at debating without the support of being actually right backing them up. Hence appeal to authority, to the majority, to emotions.

So, what if I like vanilla ice cream and some social justice warrior thinks vanilla is racist, sexist or whatever? His argument will look like this:

Your hatred of chocolate shows how much of a ****ist you are. My studies show that chocolate is just as good as vanilla because ekvalitee, in fact it’s better because oppression! Your studies are invalid because ****ism. You are morally inferior because you fail to understand that political correctness. I deeply care about designated victim group so I’m a good guy, and if you oppose a good guy you must be a bad guy. If you care about acceptable targets of hate you are taking their side against designated victim groups which makes you even more evil. You can’t be right, therefore it is absolutely unnecessary to address (or even read) your points or to refute your arguments. Everything you say is automatically invalid because I am morally superior.

Most people on the internet follow this pattern and couldn’t argue logically or factually to save their lives.

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4 Responses to Most people don’t know how to debate

  1. zhai2nan2 says:

    High schools used to have debate clubs in order to teach this sort of skill for young minds.

    Evidently the deliberate dumbing down of education removed them.

  2. Cranberry says:

    I’ve been fired from teaching jobs for trying to teach kids to do just this: get facts, look at them objectively, and don’t fear the truth even if it’s ugly. Oh noes, I taught kids to question the official narrative about diversity and immigration. Evil Racist Teacher must go.

    Debate and forensics are considered old-fashioned and unnecessary topics or skills to cover, except in a very superficial fashion. Rhetoric is taught to the specific exclusion of dialectic. Logic is convoluted and most students cannot recognize syllogisms. Shouting, pouting, and calling your opponent a “meanie” is the essential form of debate and is the sum total of problem solving skills students learn. I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it.

  3. Deansdale says:

    “I taught kids to question the official narrative”

    In the age of drones there’s no need for people capable of critical thinking. They are quite dangerous, in fact.

  4. Steven says:

    Maybe that is why they don’t teach much history in British schools any more, the truth is definitely not politically correct.

    When Britain was a male led, racist, sexist, homophobic, generally homogenous country, it became the greatest empire the world has ever seen. As the flag came down in one part of the world, it went up in another, so they used to say that the sun never set on the Union Jack. We are now a multi-racial, sexually equal, homotolerant, multicultural country, up to our ears in debt, answerable to Europe and with our empire gone.

    In the days of the empire men traded millions of pounds worth of shares in the London Stock Exchange daily on a mere handshake and the honoured principle “Dictum meum pactum” “My word is my bond”. The empire depended on a strong sense of morals and honour inculcated into young men and boys in the boarding schools of Eton and Harrow, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, in the church, in military service, in every facet of British life. A man would fight to the death in a duel for his honour, or that of his lady, and would throw his life away for his King or Queen.

    Today men have little male influence in their formative years, they usually grow up in female led homes, are taught by female teachers, then go on to have female bosses, Furthermore, unlike boys and young men of yesteryear, they are forbidden by law from getting into fights and duels, thereby asserting their masculine strenghth over other men and finding their position in the male heirarchy.

    The modern man has been totally emasculated and looks to women for approval. To the extend he gets their approval, he considers himself more of a man. Which, of course, turns him into a submissive wimp in the service of the female gender. He must choose to either accept this position in the heirarchy of society, or suffer the mental torment associated with non-acceptance.

    Unfortunately, it seems that most of the male population has accepted it. It is for those of us who have not, to join together, support each other, and show the way.

    PS. I am not saying everything was good about the empire, I certainly do not approve of racism, slavery and oppression, but it does give some food for non politically correct thought.

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