The bleeding heart thought process

I vaguely remember talking about this in a galaxy far, far away, but still, it’s a topic worthy of some reiteration.

The oft used liberal/feminist/SJW/cultural marxist thought process goes like this:

1. Tolerance is a value.

2. I am tolerant.

3. …therefore I am a good guy.

4. If you disagree with a tolerant person you must be intolerant.

5. If you’re intolerant you’re a bad guy.

6. If a good guy and a bad guy argue, truth is automatically on the side of the good guy.

7. A bad guy’s ideas are thus automatically invalid, not even worthy of analyzing or debating.

8. You lose, I win.

9. And I am a tolerant person despite invalidating your opinion out of hand, not even listening to it. Tolerant people do not actually have to put up with intolerant people’s intolerant bullshit, you know. Being tolerant does not mean you should actually tolerate anything. Besides, agreeing with other tolerant people is proof enough of me also being tolerant.

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2 Responses to The bleeding heart thought process

  1. Russ says:

    Excellent blog post as per the usual. Keep on keeping on for the rest of us!

  2. don Fefinho says:


    10. ?
    11. Profit.

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