On slutwalks

I made a few comments here but after a while the next one got stuck with “awaiting moderation”. Funny how this works.

I didn’t want it to go to waste because I think it contains an important point, so here it is:

Ths slutwalkers would have a point if anybody would say anything like this:

If your skirt is too short or you drink too much it will be you who will be prosecuted if you get raped.

The slutwalk is a relevant answer to this non-existent notion. Nobody says this but feminists sure act like it’s in the mainstream or somethin’.

What the policeman in Toronto, and all the others have said is you can decrease your risks of being victimized by following a certain number of guidelines.
…which is basically nothing more than saying:
You can decrease risks by taking less risks.
Which of course can’t be anything but 100% true, it’s effectively self-evident.

What the slutwalkers say is:
1. risks can’t or shouldn’t be decreased
2. taking unnecessary risks should not lead to other people recognising your own responsibility in taking those unnecessary risks.

Both are extremely stupid, and outright harmful to women. It discourages them from excercising caution and leads to more risks being taken. The sad truth is the slutwalk directly results in more rapes happening, because for these feminists their ideology trumps everything, even decreasing the number of actual rapes.

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9 Responses to On slutwalks

  1. Oldpuller says:

    Obviously no woman should experience the horror of rape, and there is no excuse for the man who commits it. If a woman wants to reduce her risks of encountering such a guy, then it makes sense to dress modestly and behave sensibly and cautiously when out and about. If I had a daughter, that is what I would advise her.

  2. rob says:

    You’re such a misogynist!

    Btw, isn’t it interesting that women don’t seem to know how to express “girl power” unless it takes the form of a breast?

    Think about it.

    Everything they have protested over the past fifty years has involved them exposing themselves to the public, or by being the biggest who-are that walks the earth.

    Men have owned us! (Solution: Burn our bras!)

    Men think they can fuck us like we’re trampy sluts! (Solution: Wear no panties to the bar!)

    Men think women should be modest about bodily functions, (Solution: Pull out your tits in a public restaurant and cream those babies until every last man in McDonald’s gets some milk in his morning coffee!)

    Men think that women dressing like whores means they attract bad attention from bad men. (Solution: Walk naked with 100,000 other naked sluts demanding no means no! Except when it’s with a man who will spank me for being a bimbo who walks around naked in public! Then, YES! Baby, YES! Spank me harder! HARDER!)

    Gesh, obviously it’s too much to ask these bimbos to put their tits away and have a real conversation. Stop talking to them then and let them do what they do best: Flaunt their sexuality!

  3. how to avoid that robbing at the alter

  4. evilwhitemalempire says:

    Obviously no woman should experience the horror of rape, and there is no excuse for the man who commits it.
    The horror of rape.

    Oh, the horror of having her sexuality ‘stolen’!

    To have her precious eggs soiled by a retard or… something?

    Or, er…. some kind of horrific something.

    Well, um…. we don’t exactly know what it is about rape that makes it such a big thing but we definitely know it justifies it’s punishment.

    It makes a woman feel real bad!

    That’s it! That’s why we punish it so severely.

    It’s icky and yucky! That’s it!

    And how dare a woman experience anything gross!

  5. Oldpuller says:

    Reply to Evilwhitemalempire

    Well, lets look at the reverse. Lets say you were a guy and you were jumped on by a woman you find totally repulsive, she pulled out your equipment and started to force it into her. She kissed you all over against your will and stuck whats between her legs into your face. You struggled to get loose, but you couldn’t. Do you think she should be punished or not?

    Also Evilwhitemalempire, one day you may find that you are the father to a teenage daughter. I hope you won’t then take such a light view of rape. Every person, man or woman has the right, in a civilised society, to decide with whom and when they have sex. We don’t live in the stone age now.

  6. Oldpuller says:

    Error: I should have said “do you think she should be severely punished or not?” Also, do you think that would be a horrific experience, or not?

  7. evilwhitemalempire says:

    [I had to moderate this comment because I don’t condone rape in any way, shape or form. I also find the idea of not letting women choose who to have sex or kids with disturbing. Just as I reserve the right to choose who I want to mate with, I respect the very same right of every other human being. To think that this has anything to do with eugenics is mindblowing. – Deansdale]

  8. Oldpuller says:

    Well, Deansdale, I can understand why you moderated the comment, it was sent to my e-mail, probably before you had a chance to moderate it. I get the impression that evilwhitemalempire is concerned that women tend to choose bad-boys to mate with rather than intellectuals. He belives that If they chose intellectuals, the world would be more scientifically advanced than it is now. They do not selectively breed wisely. In order to change this, he supports choosing for them who they will breed with. I hope this is correct evilwhitemalempire – correct me if I am wrong.

    Women usually choose the bad boys, this is true, they do not generally find intellectuals sexually attractive. However, on the whole they make good betas and will breed with them for the benefits received (usually after having a child or two with alpha male, who is now nowhere to be seen).

    Also remember, we guys rarely choose women on the basis of their intelligence, it is usually a question of how long their legs are, how thin they are, and how big their boobs are.

    Men and women are humans, and can choose whomever they want to have sex with, rape is immoral and illegal. No civilised country would condone it. Not even for the benefits evilwhitemalempire thinks society would reap from such activities.

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