Obama f_cked up bad this time

Michelle and Obama just had their 22nd anniversary, and USA Today reports that…

Obama said he spoke recently with a white guy, and warned him that it generally takes about 10 years to train a nigger properly.

“He’ll screw up a bunch,” Obama said. “Eventually we learn, but it takes us a little longer, because we’re not as smart.”

Whoa. I knew something wasn’t quite right but I never expected this much racism coming from a black guy. “We’re not as smart”… That’s harsh. Proponents of racial realism have always knew, but I wasn’t aware that this stat has already seeped into mainstream thought. What’s even more surprising is that it’s now coming from the president, who should pay heed to political correctness. Progressives might lynch him for this even if it was intended as a joke.

Oh, wait…

It was a misunderstanding. He said this about men, not blacks. That’s mighty fine. The progressives are clapping so hard their hands will fall off soon. Women are better than men, hurray for equality! Best prezident ever! Menz are dumm, wymyn must train menz or else we be dumm, haha, lol.

What a fucking disgrace.

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4 Responses to Obama f_cked up bad this time

  1. Steve says:

    I am sure the President was just joking LOL. Don’t take it so seriously, he should be allowed some fun too.

  2. Brian K says:

    Steve: He’s had plenty of fun. He’s bombed no fewer than 7 countries with his army of flying killer robots. He’s run guns to the Sinaloa cartel while using said guns as an excuse to target our 2nd Amendment rights. He’s engaged in a massive domestic spying program targeting all of us. He’s used supposedly apolitical federal agencies as weapons against his enemies. He’s armed, funded, and trained the false flag terrorist group called ISIS. He’s pushed a radical Marxist agenda, destroying our health care system as well as the economy. Not to mention the strangeness surrounding Sandy Hoax, the Boston bombing and numerous other national traumas.
    Ignoring all of that, because Soetoro the mad Kenyan works for the same globalist psychopaths Bush worked for, that “joke” is typical of the misandry we are exposed to constantly. Daniel Tosh offends a few women with a joke, and he has to go on a national apology tour; the leader of the formerly free world makes a misandrist joke, “let him have his fun.” Women are constantly portrayed as smart, witty goddesses who can do no wrong; men are Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin. If you truly believe he would have gotten away with a similarly sexist joke aimed at women, then you haven’t been paying attention. Men, especially white, Christian, heterosexual men, are fair game.

  3. StevenWJRichards says:

    Yes, things don’t look good at the moment. I think the policy of the US is to break up the rest of the world into lots of interfighting groups and small countries. Its the only way the US can maintain control. And it must maintain control, because it needs the oil to maintain the strength of the dollar.

  4. curious_guy says:

    If Obama made it to presidency successfully dodging many bullets, I doubt he would fuck up by stating something that is considered as a racist comment even if that is how he truly feels inside about black people. But then, Bill Clinton fucked up his presidency through his side affair so I suppose it may happen.

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