The moral crowd

The politically correct progressive crowd knows perfectly well that non-progressives live in fear of them, censoring their own words and actions to avoid the fate of Matt Taylor or Tim Hunt (who got shafted with a lie by the way). What does it say about their character that they think this is a good thing? They think non-progressives should live in fear because we’re evil. This level of wrongheadedness is astounding.

Newsflash: if people fear you because you routinely organize pitchfork mobs to destroy people’s lives you’re not the enlightened good guy you thought you were. If your only way of expressing your moral superiority is organizing hate campaigns you’re not the enlightened good guy you thought you were. In fact an enlightened person with superior morals would be more forgiving, compassionate, empathetic, patient, understanding – none of which describes you at all. You are the polar opposite of these. Oh, you think you have these traits in spades if we’re talking about certain races or genders… Which makes you a racist and a sexist. Let’s be honest here for a second: you see whites and men as your enemies. Your general relationship with these folks is pretty much exhausted by reminding them to check their privilege and sporadically mentioning “feminism cares about men too” while chanting “you are fucking scum” to the faces of men who want to listen to a lecture about male suicide.

But of course most progressives know all this deep down, they’re just enjoying the power of terror they have. Why would they leave the mob? Then they’d have no power over their enemies and they’d also have to self-censor in fear of the progressive crowd. It’s much better to wield a pitchfork than to be on the pointy end of one.

In fact I’m thinking of joining them and becoming an authoritarian, totalitarian nazi just like them…

Just kidding. I have morals. Not superior, just the garden-variety.

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2 Responses to The moral crowd

  1. ddswaterloo says:

    The First rule of ‘Diversity’: Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘Diversity’.

    The Second Rule of ‘Diversity’: Nobody must EVER point out the First Rule of ‘Diversity’

    When it comes to ‘Diversity’—- “Don’t ever be the first to stop applauding.”

    Diversity means chasing down the last white person. Freedom now. Freedom from enforced, genocidal ‘diversity’.

  2. StevenWJRichards says:

    It is surprising how many people believe all they are told. During the Nazi regime they all believed in Social Darwinism, now we have gone to the other extreme, where not even the slightest difference is acknowledged as being a difference, so while we celebrate “diversity,” we insist that all are equal in every different way. All races, creeds, colours, sexes, sexual orientations are different, and yet they are all the same. Its very confusing, a bit like the Holy Trinity, three separate persons, yet one! No wonder they have degrees and stuff on equality, nobody without one would ever understand it!

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