The search for the perfect feminist

Who could be the best advocate for feminism? Who is the one person amongst the living who encapsulates the spirit of feminism perfectly?

If we’re looking for the avatar of feminism, this person must meet a certain set of conditions:

  1. This person must be a woman. Sorry guys, no offense, but too many feminists think that men can only be allies, and ‘real’ feminists are women. It would be strange if a man would represent feminism, it would send the message that women are inept even in this, so… For the sake of peace, guys are out.
  2. She must care about gender equality deeply. As we have all heard a million times, the feminist movement is defined by the dictionary as the movement for gender equality – nothing more, nothing less. This means the avatar of feminism must place gender equality as the first priority when dealing with anything gender-related.
  3. No hatred of men. Many accuse feminists of hating men, but this is supposedly a lie, so the avatar can’t be somebody like Amanda Marcotte or Jessica Valenti, who drink from “male tears” mugs and so on. One might argue that’s only a joke, but if you want to represent the movement for gender equality you have to have a lot more common sense than cracking “jokes” like that.
  4. No lies, just facts. Sorry, but if you’re on record saying something demonstrably false you just won’t cut it. Fighting for gender equality is a good thing, but lying in the name of it isn’t. Either you have principles that include sticking to the truth at all times, or you’re just a lying snake with an agenda to push.

Drumroll please… The embodiment of feminism is Christina Hoff Sommers.

She passes all those tests with flying colours, plus she has some added bonuses as well, like an academic background, a high level of dignity and respectability, and a certain air of femininity as well. If there is a human being on this planet who is perfect for representing feminism, it’s her.

Now, what does it say about the actual feminist movement that it ostracized her, more often than not calling her an “antifeminist”?

It says that the feminist movement does not represent what is written in the dictionary about it. Since she represents all the values associated with ‘dictionary feminism’, the opinion of any given feminist about her is their opinion on dictionary feminism. What they say about her represents their stance on the core values of dictionary feminism. When they say she is the antithesis of what feminism stands for today, they admit that feminism is, for all intents and purposes, the polar opposite of what the dictionary says about it.

She cares about equality, she doesn’t hate men, and she only deals in truth. This makes her an antifeminist. What is a feminist then?

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