A fresh voice

I found an interesting new blog – well, it was new to me. It’s always fun to find fresh perspectives, even if they say pretty much the same things the usual suspects’ been saying for years now… You can only get a certain mileage out of any one voice before it turns stale. Let me introduce Kill To Party:

True courage in the modern world is apathy toward seeming like a dick. We don’t have a war to fight, we don’t have a struggle to overcome; we have groups and ideologies attempting to exploit our empathy and our desire for social acceptance; our childish need for posturing and superiority. When Barack Obama splits the Western World in half, commending those on the right side of history, we want the high-fives that go along with it. We have freedom and a sexual utopia, but we fail to understand why we’re so angry and dissatisfied; we want an out-group whom we can feel justified in focusing our hatred on.

True courage is fighting the urge to conform to destructive modern-norms despite the praise and social rewards you’d get for signaling that you’re part of the group.

(An excerpt from an article about Black Lives Matter.)

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