Regarding Milo

When talking about his own sexual experiences as a teenager Milo said the exact same thing Eve Ensler has written in the Vagina Monologues: “it was a good rape”. Strangely enough it only caused a mild controversy in the case of Ensler, who then adjusted the words of her play a bit and everything was fine. On the other hand cretins and retards are now calling Milo a pedophile for saying he didn’t find having sex when he was 13 traumatizing. Newsflash, fuckwits: having sex as a teenager doesn’t make you a pedophile, and it doesn’t even make your partner one if you’re biologically mature. Pedophilia is the desire of biologically immature children without secondary sex characteristics, something that does not apply to teen boys who already have erections. Having sex with them is considered statutory rape, as they’re under the age of consent, obviously, but it’s not pedophilia.

Anyways, it’s pathetic how scum like Lena Dunham get away with molesting their own siblings, Eve Ensler gets away with calling the rape of a 13 yo girl “good”, but Milo talks about his feelings about getting molested and it’s reason enough to decry him as a sex offender of sorts. It makes me sick how people are unable to think beyond pre-digested thought panels served to them by the media.

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