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  1. Steve says:

    Nice Blog, keep it going.

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

  3. Oldpuller says:

    Hi Dean,
    As you probably know, Britain is the land of the single mother. For a young woman without a top rate education or a rich family, having lots of children is a sure-fire way out of poverty, especially if they are from lots of different fathers.

    There is a really good overview of the British benefits system here, it is well worth a look at. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-11466178

    Tax credits are paid to anyone working more than 31 hours a week and on a low income, but a mother need only work 16 hours.

    Note, a huge number of single mothers get housing benefit, a single unworking mother living on her own with her children will almost always qualify for this.

    Note the expenditure on child benefit, this is paid to almost everyone with children, single or otherwise.

    Most benefits are tapered, reduced as income increases.

    Take a look at maternity benefits!

    So a working mother dumps her husband (it helps to be a single mother). She gets lots of time off work on most of her salary, qualifies for government or private housing paid by the government (top of queue) (Housing Benefit). Then goes on to work for only 16 hours a week for the next 16 years. (I think after child is 16, must do 31 hours, but not sure).

    Gets council tax (local government tax bill ) paid every year. (Council Tax Benefit)

    Thy system is extremely complex, but it is clear why being a career single mum is such an attractive proposition for a woman with maternal instincts. Unfortunately the fathers just get busted for child support of course.

    Many couples now do a stunt whereby they don’t get married, he stays with his parents. The woman has a child, says she doesn’t know who the father is. She gets all the above benefits, plus his income from ordinary work.

    Of course, if she decides she does not want to see him any longer, he does not get to see his child. But it would not make any difference if he were married because a UK court cannot force a mother to let her child see the father. There was a landmark case where a woman was given endless court orders to do so but constantly refused. That was the outcome.

    Well, there you go. I am not too concerned about it because the problem will resolve itself over the next 30 years. At the current rate of immigration we will undoubtedly be an Islamic country well before that. I am not a Muslim, but if all I have to do is face Mecca for three times a day and say some silly words in a language I don’t understand to get all this shit sorted, then I will do it.

  4. Deansdale says:

    When I’m in a pessimistic mood I tend to think that we’re already doomed and the best thing we could do would be to try to help the muslims so they won’t fall into the same trap which destroyed our civilization (ie. cultural marxism and feminism).

  5. Jennifer says:

    Deansdale, Deansdale, the Muslims are in their own self-destructive hell. I’d love for many of those men to suffer the slow deaths of feminism and Marxism.

  6. Deansdale says:

    I’m not saying they are “good” people. Muslims are not better than us, western guys in any ways, it’s just they didn’t fall into the trap we’re already in. I hope they won’t make the same stupid mistakes we did.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Noo, but many have a trap just as harmful.

  8. Thomas says:

    Regarding the scientific study of gender relations and human nature, human biodiversity (HBD) is the future:



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