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That’s unexpected

I have registered myself for “The ultimate men’s summit“. They’ve sent me an email but gmail blocked the pictures, so I noticed that the TUMS logo is named “InspiringWomen-email.jpg” WTF?

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From the Spearhead: “It is becoming increasingly clear that whatever grievances that existed in the beginning of second wave feminism no longer exist, or are nearing the point of irrelevance, and additional measures are undertaken purely in self-interest to the … Continue reading

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Why I Am An Anarcho-Misogynist – Jay Batman

So here’s how it happened: I’m reading Jack Donovan’s post at the Spearhead about this guy Jay Batman and his cool article, but when I click on the link to read it it’s gone. Luckily google still had it and … Continue reading

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Alpha, beta, men, women

The article for today at Athol Kay’s fine blog is What’s Alpha and Beta… For A Woman? My nerves always get itchy when I read about the distinctly male categories of alpha and beta linked to women because there’s a … Continue reading

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What happened to Fedrz?

What happened to Fedrz’ blog No Ma’am? It seems he deleted everything he posted this year. A shame, really. — UPDATE: He didn’t :) — UPDATE 2: Something is definitely not right around there. Some time ago I saw a … Continue reading

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Attack on the Manosphere?

Obsidian’s blog is gone, you’ve probably heard about that already. But now The Spearhead and In Mala Fide is offline too. I couldn’t reach them in the last hour or so. Even if it’s not a real attack on the … Continue reading

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The Big Debate

I don’t know how and why it happened but the original post of the recent DV debate seems to be missing on A Voice for Men and so my comments on the topic are gone too. (The current link) I … Continue reading

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Just a thought

I find it interesting – absurd, even – that if you want to find real and relevant information about women or relationships you must avoid the MSM at all costs and turn to mostly unacknowledged blogs on the net. Instead … Continue reading

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Hi, this is my new blog. I’ll try to keep the pompousness to a minimum so this is probably it. Also, I’ll leave the background and whatnot the way they are. I don’t give a damn about those things right … Continue reading

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