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How bad is rape, really?

Quote: “Rape is uniquely awful in that it’s both an assault and a form of torture. Most people classify it as second only to murder as the worst thing that can happen to a person. I tend to agree.” Most … Continue reading

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On slutwalks

I made a few comments here but after a while the next one got stuck with “awaiting moderation”. Funny how this works. I didn’t want it to go to waste because I think it contains an important point, so here … Continue reading

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The bleeding heart thought process

I vaguely remember talking about this in a galaxy far, far away, but still, it’s a topic worthy of some reiteration. The oft used liberal/feminist/SJW/cultural marxist thought process goes like this: 1. Tolerance is a value. 2. I am tolerant. … Continue reading

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Most people don’t know how to debate

When it comes to debating, there are two types of people. One is interested in the topic and wants to know the truth about it. The other wants to win the debate at all costs by proving his moral superiority. … Continue reading

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A cautionary tale from “Feministhate”

This is an excerpt, read the rest over there. If it’s unclear, he’s talking about men having the only “option” of working full time, women having a lot more choices available to them. Imagine there’s a party buffet and all … Continue reading

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A gold nugget from reddit

Original posted here as a comment, quoted in full: Many men have trouble finding physical and emotional intimacy Men are given terrible advice to fix this Or, more generally, our society’s plan for men isn’t good for them, personally. Now, … Continue reading

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Men have it so easy

According to feminists men have it easy in today’s society. They say it is the lowest difficulty setting. Because, you know, men have all this patriarchal power in their possession. For example men have the patriarchal power to shut up, … Continue reading

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The meaning of misogyny, sexism and objectification

I know these words can be found in a dictionary, but I really don’t care because most of them present the feminist-friendly definitions diluted to mean anything the speaker wants them to mean. This has to stop. Misogyny is the … Continue reading

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Feminism = far-left lunacy + far-right lunacy

It is quite impossible to define feminism properly. If you look up the word in a dictionary, you’ll find bullshit. If you come up with anything different, feminists will boo and jeer you. So, let’s look at things from a … Continue reading

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Feminist mentality

Please help me. There’s a guy out there who’s so fearsome, he’s making me uneasy, nervous, afraid. Save me! I know this guy. He is agressive, he’s a rapist, a child molester, a wife beater, a chauvinist pig. He’s you. … Continue reading

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