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A fresh voice

I found an interesting new blog – well, it was new to me. It’s always fun to find fresh perspectives, even if they say pretty much the same things the usual suspects’ been saying for years now… You can only … Continue reading

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A cautionary tale from “Feministhate”

This is an excerpt, read the rest over there. If it’s unclear, he’s talking about men having the only “option” of working full time, women having a lot more choices available to them. Imagine there’s a party buffet and all … Continue reading

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Lloyd rants about political correctness

A rant from Lloyd, the guy with smashingly original but unorthodox ideas:

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Athol strikes again

If you’re in an LTR you might want to read his latest post. If you’re in a bad LTR you should read it. Excerpt: “As unromantic as it sounds, marriage is an economic transaction. The woman sells “wife” and the … Continue reading

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A Century of Fatherhood

The free torrent of the week at The Box is “A Century of Fatherhood“. It looks interesting. Here’s the description: Part 1: The Good Father Series which tells the story of the revolution in modern fatherhood in Britain during the … Continue reading

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And another best post ever :)

It comes from Athol Kay: …so what is the answer to Life the Universe and Everything? Go there and read it.

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Best post ever

From Dalrock: “But the completeness of feminism’s victory is also its core problem.  They control all of the institutions, but we are still here.  Millions of men and women still haven’t accepted the mantra of feminism.  Despite all of their … Continue reading

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Jessica Valenti Is A Bigot

Find out why Jessica Valenti is a bigot at

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Fatherhood? What is that?

Elusive Wapiti has a great new article. Excerpt: The choice mommy debate in our society is a curious one, one that seems to speak out of both sides of its mouth while coherently attacking the one institution that renders the … Continue reading

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White Knights and Manginas

Enicrou comments at Snark’s: The lie that most men don’t give a shit about women allows a man who actually does to feel like he’s special. As such, he mistakes his biological programming to defer to and protect women as … Continue reading

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