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A fresh voice

I found an interesting new blog – well, it was new to me. It’s always fun to find fresh perspectives, even if they say pretty much the same things the usual suspects’ been saying for years now… You can only … Continue reading

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Imputed Income Trap

It seems the founder of The Spearhead might be in trouble. Please read Keoni Galt’s article here.

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Most people don’t know how to debate

When it comes to debating, there are two types of people. One is interested in the topic and wants to know the truth about it. The other wants to win the debate at all costs by proving his moral superiority. … Continue reading

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A gold nugget from reddit

Original posted here as a comment, quoted in full: Many men have trouble finding physical and emotional intimacy Men are given terrible advice to fix this Or, more generally, our society’s plan for men isn’t good for them, personally. Now, … Continue reading

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Lying Badman?

The “Ultimate Men’s Summit” is over, and the recording of the segment with Paul Elam is not available for download. A fuckin’ shame. But at least now it’s clear where they stand.

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Who needs enemies?

The original question is of course “with friends like these who needs enemies?” but we don’t have problems with our friends. We have problems with our fellow MRAs/MGTOWs/whatevers. There’s no need for false flag attacks and stinkin’ infiltrators like the … Continue reading

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