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Athol strikes again

If you’re in an LTR you might want to read his latest post. If you’re in a bad LTR you should read it. Excerpt: “As unromantic as it sounds, marriage is an economic transaction. The woman sells “wife” and the … Continue reading

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The feminist solution to all problems

The feminist solution to all problems is that men should change. “I have a problem so you should change” – says every feminist every time, and they never recognize their own blatant hypocrisy and arrogance. Well, there’s one exception: when … Continue reading

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The LOL of the day

…is coming from theslutwife (talking about PMAFT’s article on marriage quality women): ragging on women’s cooking skills is just stupid, considering that anyone with half a brain can whip up a decent meal If this is true then it clearly … Continue reading

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If you don’t like hardcore PUA mentality and/or the PUA lingo, there are naturals out there who speak everyday english and convey their wisdom in an ordinary style to ordinary guys. One of them is John Ross. He’s not a … Continue reading

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The importance of frame control

Mormon Men had an interesting post yesterday which got me thinking about a few things. “He grew up without an example of real masculinity and manhood and is now in a relationship with a dominant woman similar to his mother. … Continue reading

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Destroyer of relationships

This article is well-known by now in the manosphere. Dr. Helen discussed it, then Roissy and Hawaiian Libertarian too. Vox Day reflected on Roissy’s post. What I want to talk about is in the comments, by Cheyl J: “When I … Continue reading

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Sex rank and the economics of marriage

If the only difference in sex rank in favor of the prospective husband is his money, he’s pretty much destined for a divorce. “His money” will soon translate into “our money” in the head of his wife and thus his … Continue reading

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