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The land of what?

Via reddit I found an interesting article about the Snowden incident and its wider implications. I know many of you are fed up with it already but this piece might be worth reading nevertheless. Excerpt: If Snowden were a criminal, … Continue reading

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Spread the word

But we can’t do this alone. It doesn’t matter if you know all about finances, politics, game, psychology, natural law, and arms. If you don’t have friends you’ll not last long. Wolves hunt in packs for a reason. So go … Continue reading

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Another mangina idiot

Hank Pellissier thinks he found a correlation between women’s equality / feminism and the average life expectancy of men. Never mind that “woman’s equality” is a notion so blurred even feminists can not clearly define what it means, let alone … Continue reading

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Well… Let’s see

Maximus writes in his latest article at In Mala Fide: I want to know in comments to this piece just how many people are awake, or asleep, to what is of ACTUAL IMPORTANCE in the world today that they should … Continue reading

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A comment too good to let it fade away

Anonymous writes at Whiskey’s: There is a concept of third generational decline. The idea being that among successful people the first generation is aggressive and talented. They typically work very hard and build a business, quite often in industries that … Continue reading

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