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Let’s talk about male suicide

When there’s a discussion about male suicide the main narrative is usually the feminist one about how “toxic masculinity” makes men suppress their own (or each other’s) feelings, resulting in a higher number of suicides. Now that feminism is losing … Continue reading

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Another gold nugget from reddit

Original comment on reddit, quoted in full: I’ve been reading “Loving Men, Respecting Women: The Future of Gender Politics” by Tim Goldich. In it he cites a quote from the Daily Bruin (1996), extracted form a book by Cathy Young … Continue reading

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The search for the perfect feminist

Who could be the best advocate for feminism? Who is the one person amongst the living who encapsulates the spirit of feminism perfectly? If we’re looking for the avatar of feminism, this person must meet a certain set of conditions: … Continue reading

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Oppressors are evil, the Hugo is doomed, and George RR Martin is spineless

There’s no escaping the fact that oppressors are evil. When faced with this notion some progressives might try to evade this fact for reasons I might detail later, but really, our human minds think in simple terms. If you oppress … Continue reading

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The moral crowd

The politically correct progressive crowd knows perfectly well that non-progressives live in fear of them, censoring their own words and actions to avoid the fate of Matt Taylor or Tim Hunt (who got shafted with a lie by the way). … Continue reading

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The idiocy of opposing slut shaming

The idea behind opposing slut shaming is a misunderstanding. Feminists were never known for perfectly understanding the intricacies of sexual dynamics or the psychological differences between the sexes, so building their case against slut shaming on this misunderstanding is more … Continue reading

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About rape and consent

In the good old days the definition of rape was pretty self-explanatory: it meant forcing yourself sexually on a woman who made it clear she didn’t want your advances, or on someone who was literally unable to resist (because they … Continue reading

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Dear Mark Ruffalo

You have recently said that some people don’t know what feminism is about. I must admit you were more-or-less right: most feminists seem to completely miss the point that feminism wants gender equality and nothing more. For example, would you … Continue reading

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Obama f_cked up bad this time

Michelle and Obama just had their 22nd anniversary, and USA Today reports that… Obama said he spoke recently with a white guy, and warned him that it generally takes about 10 years to train a nigger properly. “He’ll screw up … Continue reading

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How bad is rape, really?

Quote: “Rape is uniquely awful in that it’s both an assault and a form of torture. Most people classify it as second only to murder as the worst thing that can happen to a person. I tend to agree.” Most … Continue reading

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