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White Knights and Manginas

Enicrou comments at Snark’s: The lie that most men don’t give a shit about women allows a man who actually does to feel like he’s special. As such, he mistakes his biological programming to defer to and protect women as … Continue reading

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Lying Badman?

The “Ultimate Men’s Summit” is over, and the recording of the segment with Paul Elam is not available for download. A fuckin’ shame. But at least now it’s clear where they stand.

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Sucker Punch

Yeah, I’m talking about the movie. I watched it yesterday. I was in love with it ever since I saw the trailer. Of course it’s not Shakespeare or Scorsese or sthg’ but it shouldn’t be. It’s bleedingly obvious that it … Continue reading

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False rape stats and wikipedia

Somewhat to my surprise wikipedia has a page about false accusations of rape. It’s quite basic though and of course feminist-friendly. It tries to pin the number of false rape accusations around 8-9% but there are obvious signs of stat … Continue reading

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