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A gold nugget from reddit

Original posted here as a comment, quoted in full: Many men have trouble finding physical and emotional intimacy Men are given terrible advice to fix this Or, more generally, our society’s plan for men isn’t good for them, personally. Now, … Continue reading

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Feminism makes women miserable

Feminism can only flourish where women are angry. Happy, calm and content women do not go on marches or slutwalks. But the supply of women with a chip permanently screwed to their shoulders is limited, so if feminists want to … Continue reading

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Divide and Conquer

It seems the storm is over, the PUA vs. MRA debate is over. I have to admit I did not read a line of it. Why should I? Tell me, which one is better or more important or true or … Continue reading

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Joke of the month

Feminists, and their idiocy… This particular example from No, Seriously, What About Teh Menz? made me laugh out loud, and I do mean loud: [the MRA’s comment] wasn’t actively hateful and it did contain… actual points… of a sort, so … Continue reading

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Lying Badman?

The “Ultimate Men’s Summit” is over, and the recording of the segment with Paul Elam is not available for download. A fuckin’ shame. But at least now it’s clear where they stand.

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Who needs enemies?

The original question is of course “with friends like these who needs enemies?” but we don’t have problems with our friends. We have problems with our fellow MRAs/MGTOWs/whatevers. There’s no need for false flag attacks and stinkin’ infiltrators like the … Continue reading

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