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Regarding Milo

When talking about his own sexual experiences as a teenager Milo said the exact same thing Eve Ensler wrote in the Vagina Monologues: “it was a good rape”. Strangely enough it only caused a mild controversy in the case of … Continue reading

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Oppressors are evil, the Hugo is doomed, and George RR Martin is spineless

There’s no escaping the fact that oppressors are evil. When faced with this notion some progressives might try to evade this fact for reasons I might detail later, but really, our human minds think in simple terms. If you oppress … Continue reading

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Duke lacrosse accuser’s boyfriend dies after stabbing

Article from news.mensactivism.org Story here. Excerpt: ‘Durham, N.C. — Family members of a man who was stabbed in his home April 3 say he died Wednesday evening. Crystal Mangum, the Durham woman who falsely accused three Duke University lacrosse players … Continue reading

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Sucker Punch

Yeah, I’m talking about the movie. I watched it yesterday. I was in love with it ever since I saw the trailer. Of course it’s not Shakespeare or Scorsese or sthg’ but it shouldn’t be. It’s bleedingly obvious that it … Continue reading

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Oops they did it again…

This time Salon writes about the MRM. We spoke to the [well-known MRM-hating feminist retard Michael] Kimmel [best known for his books denigrating men and manhood] today about the men’s rights movement — its origins, central tenets and current role … Continue reading

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Women on facebook are now ‘heroines’

Women on the net are now ‘heroines’, at least according to Aileen Lee, guest writer at TechCrunch. Female users are the unsung heroines behind the most engaging, fastest growing, and most valuable consumer internet and e-commerce companies. Especially when it … Continue reading

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Quote of the week

A comment from Randian left at Dr. Helen’s, talking about the NYT article stating Wikipedia is sexist because less than 15% of its contributors are women. (Dr. Helen quotes from the Spearhead article about the same subject, which is also … Continue reading

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Just a thought

I find it interesting – absurd, even – that if you want to find real and relevant information about women or relationships you must avoid the MSM at all costs and turn to mostly unacknowledged blogs on the net. Instead … Continue reading

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