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Error17900 – Too much sarcasm

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A must-see for all white people

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Mirroring John C. Wright’s most important column

http://www.scifiwright.com/2020/11/the-mirror-of-narcissus/#more-27002 This column is one that is the most important I have ever written … but important, I suppose, to none but me. I rather suspect most readers already know the answer to the questions that have for so long … Continue reading

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The truth will set you free

Not on our watch! – Google [credit]

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Regarding Milo

When talking about his own sexual experiences as a teenager Milo said the exact same thing Eve Ensler wrote in the Vagina Monologues: “it was a good rape”. Strangely enough it only caused a mild controversy in the case of … Continue reading

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Oppressors are evil, the Hugo is doomed, and George RR Martin is spineless

There’s no escaping the fact that oppressors are evil. When faced with this notion some progressives might try to evade this fact for reasons I might detail later, but really, our human minds think in simple terms. If you oppress … Continue reading

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The moral crowd

The politically correct progressive crowd knows perfectly well that non-progressives live in fear of them, censoring their own words and actions to avoid the fate of Matt Taylor or Tim Hunt (who got shafted with a lie by the way). … Continue reading

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The bleeding heart thought process

I vaguely remember talking about this in a galaxy far, far away, but still, it’s a topic worthy of some reiteration. The oft used liberal/feminist/SJW/cultural marxist thought process goes like this: 1. Tolerance is a value. 2. I am tolerant. … Continue reading

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The land of what?

Via reddit I found an interesting article about the Snowden incident and its wider implications. I know many of you are fed up with it already but this piece might be worth reading nevertheless. Excerpt: If Snowden were a criminal, … Continue reading

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Lloyd rants about political correctness

A rant from Lloyd, the guy with smashingly original but unorthodox ideas:

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