Spread the word

But we can’t do this alone. It doesn’t matter if you know all about finances, politics, game, psychology, natural law, and arms. If you don’t have friends you’ll not last long. Wolves hunt in packs for a reason. So go out there and spread the word if you know what’s good for you. Recruit someone to back your ass up. It can be a shooting spotter or a wingman. Don’t argue with anyone. Just give out facts.
Nicky G @ In Mala Fide

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1 Response to Spread the word

  1. John says:

    One person at a time, and yeah, I know, more often than not their eyes just glaze over because “They can’t handle the truth.” Self-made victims, and so what? Go to the next guy and just don’t give up.

    A dystopia laden with tribal-based violence is right around the corner.

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