Conspiracy theories and practices

It’s common knowledge in the manosphere that feminism is a fraud. How anyone can talk about “equality” while lobbying for the destruction of male-only spaces and lobbying for the creation of female-only spaces is incomprehensible to the logical mind. I think we all agree that feminism has an agenda they try to hide behind PC bullshit and thus we can call feminism a conspiracy. People coming together to formulate a covert plan, the implementation of which harms masses of innocent people? Check. It’s anyone’s guess how much of this harm is intentional, considered acceptable collateral damage or absolutely unforseen, but that’s beside the point. Feminism was a marxist movement from the very beginning and it still is now, so their goal is the marxist idea of building utopia on the ruins of society – but they’ve rarely admitted it openly. If the suffragettes would have said that their goal was something like Gramsci’s cultural marxism, Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World combined together they would have been shot on sight. It’s a common argument against conspiracy theories that usually they take too much time to implement and to bear fruit, but the example of feminists is a perfect answer to this argument: yes, they did work slowly and gradually for ~150 years and now we are in this fucked up situation.

Those who spit at conspiracy “lunatics” seem to miss the fact that human history is ripe with conspiracies. Let me just copy a bit of wikipedia here:

Types of conspiracies

  • Cabal, an association between religious, political, or tribal officials to further their own ends, usually by intrigue
  • Conspiracy (civil), an agreement between persons to deceive, mislead, or defraud others of their legal rights, or to gain an unfair advantage
  • Conspiracy (crime), an agreement between persons to break the law in the future, in some cases having committed an act to further that agreement
  • Conspiracy (political), the overthrow of a government

I reckon lots of governments were overthrown, tons of people were defrauded by groups of others and so on. So it’s easy to see that in our history there were thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of conspiracies. What I don’t get is what makes sceptics think that conspiracies are gone and ain’t coming back, and what makes them think that the superrich are somehow “immune” to conspiracies. They’re not. They’re of course working in their own interest and I doubt they lose sleep if they “incidentally” cause harm to people outside their elite circles. As a matter of fact market manipulation is a perfect example of a “conspiracy” because they’re hardly ever done by just one man. Trusting the international bankster elite to leave us alone to live long and prosper is a foolish thing to do. They got to where they are now by ruthlessly manipulating everything and everyone around them and amassing a fortune did not make them regret this.

Now, let’s see what the sceptics accuse us of:

those who believe that the Jews, Zionists, Federal Reserve, Illuminati, Whites, Catholics, Freemasons, little known minority religions, homosexuals, lizard aliens from Planet X, etc. have a secret plot against them.

First of all, let’s just make it clear that if you believe in a conspiracy it doesn’t mean you believe in all of them. If you believe the feminists are working against men that doesn’t mean you believe in reptile aliens. So stop with these silly lists already.

But let’s see what’s what nevertheless.

1. Jews. Many believe that they are the innocent victims of neverending persecution. Let me tell you, they’re not as innocent as they would like you to see them. I don’t want to get into recent problems with Israel because that’s touchy, so let’s just stick to historical facts. Example: In Hungary there was a thing called “red terror” which is described as “a series of atrocities aimed at crushing political rivals during the four-month regime of Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919” but hungarians know that this is a PC distortion. In reality jews “hijacked” the government and started the organized killing and torturing of native hungarian people. You can verify yourself that all the leaders of the Red Terror were jews: Béla Kun (Cohn), Georg Lukacs, John Pepper, Tibor Szamuely and so on. It’s not PC to talk about this and might land you in jail on hate speach charges but it’s true. What they did then was a conspiracy against the hungarian people and I fail to see why they should be “above suspicion” nowadays.

An important thing though is that nobody believes that all jews are alike, or that all of them participate in a common conspiracy. In this context the word “jews” does not mean every single one of them, it’s just used because some jews tend to work together on a racial basis. They think of themselves as a group defined by their origins and religion, ie. jews, and that’s why we refer to them as such.

2. Zionists: It’s a religious-nationalist political movement for jews so it’s filled with radical believers and nationalists. Not an uplifting combination and I’d say they seem to be quite “prone” to conspiracies. (It’s curious how Palestine seems to slowly “disappear”.)

3. Federal Reserve. Even it’s name is a deception because there’s nothing “federal” about it – it was founded by the co-operation of other private banks (which in turn means bankster families). It had it’s role in all the economic depressions of the US – including the current one -, and it’s a researchable fact which ignorant people could care less about.

4. Illuminati. There is so little credible information out there that it’s practically meaningless to talk about them. They exist, they have their own goals, so most probably they do things to achieve them and we can only hope that they “play fair”. To say that they can’t conspire against others is idiocy but of course it’s nigh impossible to prove that they do.

5. Whites. White supremacists make conspiracies, that’s obvious (KKK?). They have no real power nowadays though so they seldom make anything spectacular. Also, it’s important to point out that we talk about supremacists/nationalists here because most of us are already fed up with generic “white shame”. Whites are not a group. A norvegian white guy has nothing to do with an argentinian one, and whites as a race never did anything together because of infighting, opposing interests and such. Talking about “whites did this” and “whites think that” is just plain old racism.

6. Catholics. I dunno. Of course they were always after money and power so they inevitably took part in conspiracies. I doubt that they would be scheming anything large nowadays. The time for crusades and the inquisition is long gone. It’s other religions we should watch more carefully.

7. Freemasons. See Illuminati.

8. Minority Religions. To do anything significant in this world you need money and power. I’m a lot more concerned about muslims than minority religions. Scientology is a strange case though, suing all those who talk ill about them.

9. Homosexuals. They are a part of the neoliberal/marxist setup and so take part in the destruction of our western societies as a “sister group” to feminists.

10. Lizard aliens. F*ck off you twit.

What’s missing from this list are the most probable suspects for a conspiracy, ie. those who have the money and power to actually do some real damage. The superrich are not that covert about their machinations as you would think. They are often caught red handed, so to speak. They describe their conspiracies in their own words, you just have to look them up. If a Rockefeller says that he plans to rule the world then it’s not so farfetched to talk about that, is it? Do a quick search on youtube for videos in which the Rockefellers themselves are talking: their topics cover population control, internet control/censorship, etc. Read some quotes from Rothschilds, too. You could also look into the Trilateral Commission (founded at the initiative of David Rockefeller) and the Council on Foreign Relations (in which Rockefeller is a permanent member).

And at the end of this rather long post let’s turn back to where I started: feminism. Observe a quote from an article about Aaron Russo:

“Rockefeller also told Russo that the elite families created and financed the women’s lib movement so they could tax another half of the population and so that the children would be trained by them in government schools rather than in the context of the family unit.”

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18 Responses to Conspiracy theories and practices

  1. John Walters says:

    Re aliens: I don’t know about reptilians, but I think Edgar Mitchell is a convincing witness.

  2. Deansdale says:

    Considering that the universe is practically infinite it’s absolutely possible that other civiliztions exist in it. What I can’t take seriously is the idea that they’re living among us, wearing masks. Politics in the western world doesn’t need any alien influence to be this freakin’ disastrous.
    If an alien civilization would visit earth they’d surely have the technology to do whatever they want with us, so them toying with our politics to gain anything is rather unlikely.
    People with these kinds of ideas watched too much V.

  3. Keoni Galt says:

    W&N is an extreme case of asperger-warped monomania. What’s even funnier is that when he first “called me out” I went to his blog and basically was very cordial and told him he’s got the wrong guy.

    He deleted that post, and followed up with the post calling me a mangina.

    He’s just one of those guys that simply doesn’t get it, and probably never will.

  4. Deansdale says:

    I don’t understand his hostility. Ok, he doesn’t believe that the Federal Reserve caused him harm, that’s fine with me but why use shaming tactics? It’s not like he has proof on anything, his “reasoning” amounts to “I don’t think so”. That’s not much and certainly not enough to attack other people.

  5. infiniium says:

    Turn on the TV for just 1 minute and I’m sure you’ll hear at least 2 lies. You won’t get anything but lies if the program is about politics.

  6. Thomas George says:

    I just read the blog of that White And Nerdy guy. I have never seen a worse case of a boy in an adult male body that refused to grow up. He needs to man up more than anyone else I have ever seen.

    After reading his blog several things aren’t adding up about his story. He claims to have been the victim of many sexual harassment complaints or suits which is supposed to prove to us that women have power and are evil. Yet this White And Nerdy guy always wins. If these sexual harassment complaints were made up then why did women keep doing it? It would be obvious that they would lose. Either White And Nerdy is sexually harassing women and getting away with it or his story is a complete fabrication. I suspect the latter.

    Why is White And Nerdy so certain about his “victory” over women? Why is he so obsessed with “fighting back”? I have to wonder if his blog is in some way part of the Illuminati agenda. These questions are similar to what I had after reading Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech’s blog. This is man who claimed to be a loser with women until he was 31 and suddenly women do whatever he wants now. Doesn’t it strike anyone else as odd that he could turn things around in a day? He says he works for some nexus in the defense industry and talks a lot about advanced technology that will “replace” women. It’s clear that Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech is a high up Illuminati.

    I’m not so sure about White And Nerdy. He seems more like a regular cubicle worker but his story has so many holes. I don’t know if he’s Illuminati or not. He could be or maybe the Illuminati ran a psy-op on him which would explain his bizarre sexual harassment story.

    One of our greatest strengths is that we ask questions and investigate rather than just accepting a story. We need to ask questions and investigate the mens’ rights movement. They promote an ungodly and anti-Christian agenda. Why are guys like Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech and White And Nerdy trying to keep us away from looking at the Federal Reserve and who is in power? Who funds the spearhead? KG, I know you write for it but are you familiar with its actual financial operation or do you just submit stories for it? KG, do you have any idea who Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech is or the other guys at the spearhead are? I bet you don’t. We need you to start looking around there, KG. Why are they promoting not getting married and even having nothing to do with women?

    We need to ask these questions and more and find some answers.

  7. Deansdale says:

    Although this comment looks like a practical joke I’ll take it seriously because I want to answer some of the questions.

    I don’t think W&N is in any kind of conspiracy himself. He’s just a regular fellow who has a solid sense that he is right in everything he thinks or says. It’s dangerous to believe you know the truth when in reality you know almost nothing.
    I don’t believe the Illuminati would bother with blogging in general – but I actually don’t care that much about the Illuminati because there is no credible information out there about them.

    There is absolutely no problem with the Men’s Rights Movement apart from it being so powerless. It’s not “anti-Christian”. The original purpose of it was to fight against unfair laws. Nowadays we fight against these feminist-inspired nightmares in the family laws, divorce laws and so on, but we also try to help as many men as possible in the personal level, hence the advice “don’t get married”. We’re absolutely not against christianity but today’s reality is that marriage is the worst possible option for a lot of men. They shouldn’t do it.

    Why are guys like Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech and White And Nerdy trying to keep us away from looking at the Federal Reserve and who is in power?
    This is a good question, but I think it’s not really related to the MRM. They want to and will fight “on the surface”, ie. using the standard conventional methods like political lobbying and such. When they see a conspiracy theory they think it’s a waste of time and energy and so they dismiss it out of hand. Some of us are taking some(!) conspiracies seriously but actually this is no reason for a split in the MRM, I think we can peacefully coexist if the “unbelievers” can keep their shaming language to themselves :P

    Who funds the spearhead?
    I don’t think it needs funding, it’s not really that much more than a simple blog like this. Especially so nowadays when the new posts are almost exclusively Welmer’s.
    I think he desperately needs some new contributors now that so many of the old ones are gone.

    Why are they promoting not getting married and even having nothing to do with women?
    Because this is the most logical thing to do if you don’t want your life ruined. It’s as simple as that.

  8. Thomas George says:

    I read and post occasionally on KG’s blog so he can vouch that I am not a practical joke.

    The name doesn’t matter. Call them the Illuminati, the elite, or whatever you want. The important fact is that they are organized and conspiring against us.

    I don’t know if White And Nerdy is part of the conspiracy or not. What I know is that we need to ask questions. We must ask questions and investigate the mens rights movement just like we have investigated feminism. Who is behind it? White And Nerdy’s story doesn’t make sense. Why is that? Why is he trying to get men to “fight” women? Why is he encouraging men to not man up? We need to ask the questions and find out.

    I can tell you why the conspiracy would bother with blogging, to create a movement similar to feminism but that appears to be a grass roots movement. We know how the Rockefellers funded feminism. The internet gives the conspiracy the power to hide their involvement with creating the mens rights movement by making it look like a grass roots organization.

    The effect of the mens rights movement is the same as feminism in accomplishing their goals. Both movements go against the will of The Lord. The mens rights movement is more effective to this purpose since it is easier to lower the population with babies that were never born than even abortion.

    The conspirators are in our midst. What better way to promote their goals than to have men who believe they are exposing the conspiracy do it. If we don’t start asking questions about what “mens rights” really is it will be another tool of the conspiracy like feminism.

  9. Deansdale says:

    We need you to start looking around there, KG.
    This is so much like a spy-spoof it’s hilarious :)

    The name doesn’t matter. Call them the Illuminati, the elite, or whatever
    It does matter because if you talk about something which is impossible to prove nobody will take you seriously. The “Illuminati” is a mystical organization and is considered a myth by most people, while “the elite” is much more acceptable and sounds real (because it is real of course).

    Who is behind it?
    I am. At least there’s noone behind me, that’s for sure. I’m an MRA and I believe most of the others are just everyday fellows like me.

    I can tell you why the conspiracy would bother with blogging, to create a movement similar to feminism
    I think it was Rob Fedrz who wrote about this a long time ago. He said the MRM shouldn’t try to balance feminist laws by creating opposing laws because that would only lead to the state having ever more power over us. Our task – if at all possible – is to repeal feminist laws, ie. to restore the previous status quo. Repealing feminist laws are not in the interest of the elite I think so it’s safe to say that we’re not part of some evil masterplan of theirs. Societal destabilization is obviously good for the elite so they will never fund groups which fight for the restoration of order.

    Both movements go against the will of The Lord.
    MRAs are against feminism, not against women. Fighting against this monstrosity is not against the will of your Lord.

    The conspirators are in our midst.
    This is a basic misunderstanding that discredits many conspiracy believers. Conspirators are few and they are never “in our midst”. You talk about victims, who are forced to choose between bad and worse, and when they choose the least damaging option you start demeaning them. Guys who don’t want to marry are not “accomplices” to the elite but victims of their machinations.

  10. Thomas George says:

    This is so much like a spy-spoof it’s hilarious :)

    My copy of how to defeat a conspiracy was lost in the mail. I’m trying to figure this out as we go. If KG really is on the inside he should look for something.

    Our task – if at all possible – is to repeal feminist laws, ie. to restore the previous status quo.

    Yes and no. Some feminist laws exist because men failed to man up. The problem with mens rights is that is doesn’t actually examine what laws are good for women and society and what laws are tools of the elite.

    A lot of the problem is that men are now ignoring the larger situation when it comes to law. The elite are now able to throw women in prison with impunity because men infected with their “mens rights” are thinking “women are getting what they deserve” not the elite are now taking away the freedom of the other half of the population.

    The Lord created us male and female. He created marriage to bind us one man and one woman and commanded us to get married. The elite want to destroy God’s plan for us. Look at the boy-men at The Spearhead. Many of them want nothing to do with women. They refuse to man up, and they disobey The Lord’s plan for them. Over at The Thinking Housewife a man pointed out how mens rights was defacto homosexuality. He is right. Mens rights is a tool of the elite to get make men no longer want women. Sure they don’t want men but it makes these men defacto homosexuals.

    The best way to stand up to the elite is to man up, become a Christian if you aren’t already, get married to a godly women and raise godly Christian children. When you follow The Lord’s plan for your life you will not have to worry about nonsense like divorce.

  11. infiniium says:

    Over at The Thinking Housewife a man pointed out how mens rights was defacto homosexuality. He is right.

    He is so NOT right. Homosexuality is fucking another man in the ass, while mens rights is not wanting to be slaves. This is quite a big difference. I don’t think that teaching men how to treat women equals not wanting women.

  12. Deansdale says:

    what laws are good for women
    I don’t give a damn if it’s good for them, I want laws to be FAIR and JUST for fuck’s sake. Let there be real equality before the law.

    The elite are now able to throw women in prison with impunity because men infected with their “mens rights” are thinking “women are getting what they deserve”
    It’s not the elite who throw women in prison, it’s women who commit crimes. Women can be criminals. Of course we recognize criminals for what they are, and let me tell you, we’re still a long way from a perfect system. Take for example false rape accusations. I think it would be fair to jail the false accusers for the same amount of time the accused would have served if found guilty.
    And the justice system is still waaaay to lenient with women. Most of them spend only fractions of their sentences behind bars. Here’s a list of some celebrities who spent time in jail and the only one who had to serve the whole term is the only male:

    Look at the boy-men at The Spearhead.
    Stop with the shaming language. You don’t agree with them, that’s fine, just leave them alone.

    mens rights was defacto homosexuality
    Anybody spreading this bullshit is retarded. Or maybe has a hidden agenda :|

    When you follow The Lord’s plan for your life you will not have to worry about nonsense like divorce.
    I figure you didn’t notice that divorce for christian couples are just as common as it is for atheists or whatnot, so what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense. You believe your God will protect you from everything, including divorce. Well, good luck with that.

  13. Thomas George says:


  14. Deansdale says:

    There are a lot of religious blogs in the manosphere. This is not one of them. Go preach elsewhere.

  15. Thomas George says:

    I was not preaching Christianity here. I was “preaching” manning up. Since God made it so men need to man up in dealing with women it works whether you’re a Christian or not. That’s why Muslims have fewer divorces than Christians right now. The Muslims despite not believing in The Lord are following The Lord’s plan in dealing with women while many Christian men are failing to man up. That is why women are divorcing Christian men.

    Don’t blame the women. Blame the overgrown boys who are failing to be men.

  16. Deansdale says:

    My main problem is you try to shame other people using bullshit “arguments”.
    For example let’s see what wikipedia says about homosexuality: “a Greek and Latin hybrid with the first element derived from Greek homos, ‘same’, thus connoting sexual acts and affections between members of the same sex“.
    They didn’t mention MRAs there, did they? Quit trying to redefine loaded words to shame good people. I don’t give a flying f*ck about political correctness and I’m not afraid to moderate this blog any way I see fit. Everyone’s welcome to comment but I want to see logical and coherent arguments, not feminist/marxist debate-killing techniques.
    Shaming language will be moderated.

  17. Thomas George says:

    It’s not shaming language if it’s true.

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