Ghost in the Shell Scarlett Johansson whitewashing brouhaha

It’s not really news but assclowns on the internet are offended just now that in hollywood’s version of Ghost in the Shell the main protagonist will be played by Scarlett Johansson – a white woman!!! I have three things to say about this:

First of all, white characters are routinely blackwashed nowadays, and if you don’t find that equally as offensive as whitewashing you’re a hypocrite whose opinion is worthless.

Secondly, both Hollywood and the US are majority white (and no, this is not a “problem” to be solved), which means the new GitS movie will be made by mostly white people, for a market consisting of mostly white people. Producers are free to think that hiring white actors will make them more money, that’s not racism. Accusing them of giving roles to whites just because they hate blacks/asians is clearly retarded since they only ever care about profits. And since they have bought the license to GitS it’s entirely up to them to do whatever the fuck they want with it. It’s not a “japanese movie” any more. If asian folks don’t like the idea of white actors in GitS they shouldn’t have sold it to a white studio in a white country. Hollywood is a business and it’s under no obligation to promote anyone or anything at its own expense, be it asian actors or wretched ideologies.

Finally, if you think whitewashing or cultural appropriation are real problems it’s obvious you hate whites and/or cultivate an extraordinary amount of white guilt. You can try hiding behind the excuse that hating whites is not racism, it won’t make you any less hateful. Just like how black or asian people are allowed to freely reinterpret or reimagine any form of art, white people are allowed to do the same, and it doesn’t suddenly mysteriously become racism when whites are doing it. And nope, no amount of braindead mumbo-jumbo about power structures or institutional fuckery will change the fact that if something is not racist when some races do it then it’s also not racist when other races do it. Trying to argue otherwise is just proof again that you hate white people because you’re a bigot.

So, basically, if you have a problem with ScarJo in GitS just because she’s white, go fuck yourself you retarded racist crybaby.

ps. I know she doesn’t like being called ScarJo, that’s why I’m doing it, because who in their right minds would call a nickname like this “violent”?! Fuck me, people are stupid.

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1 Response to Ghost in the Shell Scarlett Johansson whitewashing brouhaha

  1. C H says:

    The other thing, too, is that I’ve been watching anime for many years now. The characters are designed in such a manner as to look Western to begin with. Sure, there are lots of theories as to the ‘why’ of this, but the fact is: well, there it is! I’ve watched countless hours of Japanese anime and I can tell, at this point, which ones ‘look’ Asian and which Western and, by and large, Western is the look du jour. Is Japan ‘culturally appropriating’ the Western ‘look’?

    Hell, my only beef with the film is one simple question: WHY?

    Those films, the SAC series, even the newer series they’ve done–they all are brilliant in their own way and I just flat out see no need to try and reinterpret them for Western audiences, except perhaps that most Westerners don’t grasp the cultural implications of Japanese anime in the first place, but I don’t think reimagining them will help, as it sure as hell didn’t help with the ‘J-Horror’ craze some years back.

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